Help for You

Looking after someone you care for comes in all shapes and sizes. It can range from checking in every other day and doing some shopping and cleaning to daily personal care, and everything in between.

We are here to help you, no matter the amount of support you provide to the person you care for!

Carers Assessment

This is not an assessment of how you look after someone, it’s an assessment of how your caring role is impacting on you. Find out how to request a Carer’s Assessment from the Council to make sure they know how much you’re doing in your caring role and how it’s affecting you.

As a result of a carers assessment you may be eligible for a carer’s personal budget – extra money from the Council to help you look after yourself and the person you care for.

If you are not eligible for the carer’s personal budget, you may be able to apply for the Flexible Breaks Fund instead – a one-off grant that many carers can apply for to do something special for themselves – as well as other opportunities for carers to have a break.

Carer’s Journeys

Read about the experiences of three Islington carers caring for family members with dementia – the challenges, the rewards and the support that they received in their caring journeys.

More Information

Islington’s Libraries stock a great series of  books for carers.