Advice Service

You can get advice and information by phone, email or by booking an appointment to see a caseworker. Call us first to let us know what you need help with, we may be able to help you over the phone but will make an appointment with you if necessary.

You can contact us on 0800 085 1141 (freephone) or 020 7281 3319.

We can help you with advice and information about:

  • what services are available to support you and the person you are looking after;
  • where to get a benefit check to see if you and/or the person you care for are getting all the benefits you should;
  • help to apply for appropriate benefits;
  • if there is a need identified, see if we can help you apply for a grant;
  • find appropriate support for the person you care for – i.e. referral for a care needs assessment, if eligible, help apply for blue badge, freedom pass, taxi card, etc.;
  • carry out a carers assessment for you if the person you care for is not getting services from Islington Social Services and not under any NHS Mental Health Service, which could lead to:
    • application for an emergency carers card
    • options for breaks from caring role;
  • looking after your own physical and mental health;
  • your rights in work, if you are balancing work and caring.