Welfare benefits

Working out what benefits or tax credits you might be entitled to is hard. Research from Carers UK in 2010 called Carers Missing Millions showed that around £843 million of benefits goes unclaimed by carers each year. There are all kinds of reasons for this – sometimes people simply give up on their claims or they are wrongly advised and told they are not entitled to claim.

But don’t be put off. Islington Carers Hub can help you to work out if you are getting the benefits you are entitled to. We can help with form filling and write letters to request a reconsideration if your claim is turned down. We can also direct you to services who can represent you at tribunals if your request for reconsideration is turned down. Please see our Local Services page for links.

You can get information by phone, email or by making an appointment at one of our advice sessions, so please contact us if you want any help understanding or using the benefits system.


Checking your entitlements yourself

If you want to check your possible entitlements online, the charity Turn2Us and the government site gov.uk both have good, up-to-date benefits calculators. If you have any questions about what you find, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.