Islington Carers Hub factsheets

We produce factsheets providing information to support you in your caring role.

We are updating our factsheets at the moment, and will post more as they come available.

We aim to keep them as up to date and accurate as possible, so please contact us if you have any corrections or suggestions.

You can also speak to an advice worker at Islington Carers Hub for information and support with any of these topics.

ICH – About us

ICH – Getting support as a carer in Islington

ICH – Training and learning opportunities for carers in Islington

ICH – Looking after yourself

ICH – Carers Assessments – the local picture

ICH – Bereavement


Directory of Organisations Providing Services to Carers in Islington

You can find a wide range of services specifically for carers by clicking here to download our Directory of Organisations Providing Services to Carers in Islington. At the back of the Directory you will also find a range of advice providers who can help all residents – not just carers – with a wide range of enquiries.


Carers UK factsheets

Our partners at Carers UK have a range of very useful booklets and factsheets. These cover benefits, Social Services, your rights at work, taking a break, mental capacity and other topics. Click on the titles below to read any of them.

Attendance Allowance – a benefit for disabled people aged over 65

Bedroom Tax – a deduction from your Housing Benefit if you live in social rented housing and have more rooms than the law says you require

Carer’s Allowance – a benefit for those caring for someone receiving AA or some rates of DLA or PIP

Assessments and the Care Act – how to get an assessment of need for you or the person you care for, under the new Care Act which comes into force in April 2015

Coming out of hospital – preparing to look after someone who’s been in hospital, and the changes that may happen to your caring role

Help with Council Tax – discounts and support for carers in certain situations

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – a benefit for disabled people aged under 65. You can only make a new claim for DLA if you (or the personon whose behalf you are claiming) are under 16

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – a benefit for disabled people aged 16-65, for those claiming since April 2013

Guide to Mental Capacity – How decisions are made by and for people with reduced mental capacity, and what this means for you as a carer

Taking a Break – different ways to help you take a break from your caring role

Supporting Working Carers: A guide to requesting flexible working – information on your rights as a carer in the workplace and how you can request a work pattern that fits around your caring role


They also produce the Carers Rights Guide each year to outline carers’ essential rights and signpost what financial and practical help is available. You can download your free copy from here.