Work and career

Your rights if you’re in work

Working and caring can often feel like holding down two jobs, but there is support available and as a carer you do have rights. Carers UK has a comprehensive guide to your rights at work, so we’d recommend you have a look at that – we’ve included some links below. If you have any questions about what’s on these pages, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Flexible working

Flexible working means changing your pattern of working to better fit around your caring responsibilities. The law gives everyone the right to request flexible working from their employer, so do read the Carers UK page and the downloadable guide on this important topic.


Other rights at work

Requesting flexible working isn’t the only right you have as a carer at work. Other employment rights can also work in your favour, such as the right to time off in emergencies, the right to parental leave and – absolutely vitally – the right to protection from discrimination.

If you believe you’ve suffered discrimination at work because of your caring responsibilities, get advice straightaway. Contact us or get in touch with Islington Law Centre.

These pages also have some tips on getting support at work and options if you decide to leave the workplace.

If you are thinking of leaving work, do come to us for advice on what benefits you can claim as a full-time carer.


Getting back into employment

If you’re caring for somebody full-time, there may come a time when you want or need to return to paid work. It may be because your caring role has ended, or because you need the money, or for your own well-being. Whatever the reason, the Carers UK site has some valuable tips to help you on the road to employment.

If you need to undertake training before returning to the world of work, many courses at City and Islington College are free to people on low-income benefits like Income Support. Get in touch with us or with their Student Support services for advice.

If you are thinking of returning to work, your benefits will be affected. Contact us for advice on what will happen and how to make the transition correctly.