Help for the Person You Care For

Islington Carers Hub are part of Age UK Islington, who can support people from age 16 and older with long-term or complex health or social care challenges. They can offer advice based the circumstances of the person you care for, guide them to gain the confidence, the opportunities and the help they need to feel positive about the future.

Caring Support 
If caring becomes too much for you, you can request a Care Needs Assessment (also referred to as Needs Assessment) from Social Services for an adult or for a child.

Alternatively, you may want to engage someone privately. We’ve put together some information on reliable ways of finding and paying for care work privately.

Hospital Discharge
Find out what help might be available from the NHS even after your loved-one has left hospital.

Furthermore, you can use Islington Council’s Online Directory to find organisations that can help you find the best ways for you to stay healthy and independent.