Let’s Talk #Carers

Monthly Events

Let's Talk Carers

The Monthly Let’s Talk Carers is where you can meet other Islington carers, share tips and how you’re feeling! It’s also a great place to get advice and to meet members of the Islington Carers Hub team.


Cally Clock Tower CentreMay session: Wednesday, 17 May, 2.00‑3.30pm – British Library Sound Listening
Cally Clock Tower Centre, Caledonian Park, London N7 9HF or on Zoom

Ever wondered what Queen Victoria’s voice sounded like or the rainforest? You can find out in the sound listening session hosted by the British Library. 

This session is open to all carers, including people living with dementia and their carers.

Booking essential!
Contact Islington Carers Hub to book a place via 020 7281 3319 or or email to book in person.

Cuppas with Mobilise
Islington Carers Hub work together with Mobilise. They host five online ‘cuppas’ every week where carers can meet other carers. The sessions are at different times of day, including one in the evening.

Other Support and Social Groups for Carers
There are a few other groups that meeting in the borough, generally linked more specifically to the health condition of the person you look after. Here some more information on other carers groups you might like to join. 

Digital Support/Support Getting on Zoom
We’re all on a digital journey! Getting an email address, getting access to the internet, booking GP appointments online, all require an investment of time and an open-ness to discovering new ways of doing things. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of digital guides, specially developed to help people to get the most out of technology.


If you need help joining a group, contact us via our helpline 020 7281 3319.