There are two main ways you may be able to get help to pay your Council Tax.

1. Council Tax Support is a local means-tested scheme which helps people in Islington on a low income pay their Council Tax by reducing the amount they have to pay, depending on their income and savings.

2. Council Tax bill discounts – it’s possible to obtain a discount on your Council Tax bill on various grounds.


Council Tax Support

This is a scheme where the Council looks at your income and savings and determines from these if you can have a reduction in your Council Tax.

If you’re of pension age and you don’t have a working-age partner, you could end up paying no Council Tax at all. If you’re of working age or have a partner who is of working age, you’ll always pay at least 8.5% of your original Council Tax bill.

You claim Council Tax Support on the same form as Housing Benefit. If you live in Islington – or if Islington Council have placed you in temporary accommodation outside the borough – then you get the form from Islington Council. This page shows you all the ways to do this. It’s a complex form, so if you have any questions or need any advice filling it in, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Alternatively, you can contact the Council’s own Income Maximisation Team, who can offer free and confidential advice and offer home visits. Call freephone 0800 731 8081 / 020 7527 8600 or email

If you can’t afford your Council Tax even with the reductions from the Council Tax Support scheme, come to us for advice, because you may be able to make a claim to the Council’s Resident Support Scheme.


Council Tax discounts

There are also a number of other discounts on Council Tax bills available for people in various situations. These can include:

  • if you moved into the place you now live purely in order to look after someone
  • if that has meant you’ve had to leave another property empty
  • if the person you look after has a condition that has severely reduced their mental capacity
  • and others.

Do get in touch with us for advice if you think any of these could apply to you.

page updated 2 September 2014