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Identifying carers and offering support

When you have a client or patient who is always accompanied by a family member or friend, this may well be their informal carer. This person might not be aware they are a carer and may not like to be called a carer.

When you believe someone might be a carer and want to find out if they are, don’t use the word ‘carer. Instead, ask them if they “accompany your client/patient to every appointment, do they need to make the appointments, do they help out with the cleaning, the shopping, cooking, paying the bills?”

If the answer is ‘yes’, advise them that there’s an organisation that can support them in their caring role, to help them with free breaks, advice and information, applying for benefits, discounts and a whole lot more.

If they’re interested, please refer them to Islington Carers Hub for support.

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