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Islington Carers Partnership Network

We work closely with a network of partner organisations who provide support for Islington carers and provide the following resources.

Carers Providers Forum

We host a meeting with services that support Islington carers, every two months. This is a Teams meeting to discuss the implementation of a borough-wide Islington Carers Strategy.

Islington Carers Directory

We provide a directory of organisations that provide support for Islington carers.

View Islington carers directory

Carer awareness training

We can offer teams a 45-minute training session where we explain:

  • how caring affects carers
  • how to identify and approach a carer about support for them
  • what support Islington Carers Hub can offer
  • what other specialist support is available in Islington
  • what Age UK Islington can offer in terms of support for the person they care for

We can do this training online or in person.

Receive regular newsletters

We share our regular monthly client newsletter with professionals as well as network news. Organisations that are members of the Islington Carers Partnership Network are invited to contribute content for these newsletters.

Contact us

To enquire about the Islington Carers Partnership Network, please contact us on the Islington Carers Hub helpline: 020 7281 3319 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm), email us on or complete the short form below.

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    As part of the support we provide, we share occasional information and updates by email. To change your communication preferences, call us on 020 7281 3319, email us or click ‘unsubscribe’ on emails.


    See the Age UK Islington privacy policy (Islington Carers Hub is a service provided by Age UK Islington)