In Islington a Personal Budget for Carers is a sum of money paid by the Council to carers assessed as needing support. To be considered for a Personal Budget you will have to have had a carers’ assessment.

Following a carer’s assessment, any support that is agreed will be documented in your support plan. If you qualify for support you will be given a personal budget to support you as a carer during the year.  The Personal Budget does not affect any other benefits you are receiving but you will need to be able to account for how the money has been used by presenting receipts or invoices.

Your personal budget can be used in all kinds of ways. You can use it to fund breaks or activities to suit your individual circumstances, practical needs, emotional and physical health and personal lifestyle. However it must be used to meet your needs as agreed in your support plan.

What can I do with my Persional Budget?

Anything that will support you in your caring role and that has been agreed in your carers’ support plan. Some examples of how other carers have used their Personal Budgets include:

– travel expenses or fees so you can take up leisure or education activities
– health promotion activities such as exercise classes or relaxation or complementary therapies
– practical things such as a washing machine or a computer or driving lessons
– a break so you have some time for yourself

For more information on Personal Budgets and how they can help you, contact the Islington Carers Hub on 0800 085 1141 (FREEPHONE) or 020 7281 3319 or email

You can also see more information about Personal Budgets on our Community Care page.