There are two different kinds of assessment for a person with mental health difficulties – a care needs assessment and a mental health assessment. Unless the person you look after is in severe crisis, their doctor or general practitioner (GP) is typically the first person to see for an assessment of their mental health. Their GP will probably make a diagnosis of what is wrong and may offer medication and/or refer them to a specialist – who could be a doctor or a counsellor – for further assessment of their needs.

Community mental health teams (CMHTs) run by the NHS employ professionals from both health and social care and are responsible for supporting people with mental health problems. Everyone who may be in need of services is entitled to have their needs assessed. An assessment is carried out by a trained professional. They will find out about a person’s needs, decide whether or not they are eligible for a service and if so, which service(s) a person should have.


If the person you look after has been treated as an inpatient of psychiatric services or by a community mental health service they may be offered a CPA assessment.  CPA is a way of coordinating community health services for people with mental health problems. When the person has had a CPA assessment, one person, called a care coordinator, will coordinate all aspects of their care. Care coordinators are sometimes called keyworkers or case managers.

Any aftercare services provided to a person previously detained in hospital under certain sections of the Mental Health Act will be free. This is called Section 117 Aftercare. For more information about this contact organisations such as Mind or Rethink.


Islington residents can contact icope for support with a range of mental health problems. To refer yourself to the project or for more information contact 0303 123 1000 Monday – Friday 9am- 5pm (answerphone outside these times) or E Mail:


If the person you look after is in imminent danger of harming themselves or others or refusing treatment, contact their GP or mental health team if they have one or call 999.

For out-of-hours social care emergencies for Children, Adults or Mental Health services please contact the Emergency Duty Team. This is a service that operates across Islington from 5pm-9am Mon-Friday and 24 hrs on weekends and bank holidays,

Tel: 0207 226 0992.


The Mental Health Crisis Phone Line provides an opportunity for individuals needing emotional support to talk in strict confidence to trained staff. The service is open to all Islington residents.

The Crisis Line Phone line number is 0207 226 9415

The service provided by One Housing Group at 18 Highbury Grove (formerly Umbrella) includes:

– a crisis night centre (drop-in) between 8 PM and 6:15 AM
– a crisis phone line between 5pm in the evening and 6:15 am the next morning

For further information please contact: Lucy Ujamaa, Service Manager on telephone: 0207 288 1051 or e-mail


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