Working and caring can feel like holding down two jobs! But there is support available and as a carer you do have rights

There are things that you can do to help you cope with the pressures of work and care.

Check if you have:

– a right to take time off in an emergency, for example, to arrange alternative care if the care package you have in place breaks down

– rights to parental leave

– a right to ask for flexible working, for example, to work part-time, flexi-time, to do some or all of your job from home

– information about your employers own policies for carers in the workplace, for example, career breaks, early retirement.

And remember, if you feel that you need more help so that you can stay in employment, you can request assessments from the Council. Assessments allow the Council to make decisions about the support they can provide for you in your caring role and for the person you are looking after.

If you are already being supported by the Council following assessments but the pressures of your caring role mean that you are thinking about giving up work or reducing your hours, then go back to the Council and ask what additional support it can provide.

If you want to work, the Council must take this into account when they assess the services they can offer.