Holistic and Wellbeing Sessions

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Join Nature’s Pure Love for a  FREE Workshop on Selfcare Advice & Hand Massage by Nature’s Pure Love

When: tba

What’s it about?  
Take some time out for yourself and the stresses of regular life to join Nature’s Pure Love for the next in the series of our FREE Holistic Wellbeing workshops.

This event is part of our Carers Week Programme of events and during the workshop, Nature’s Pure Love will provide a taster session of their ’30 Day Mindfulness Power Session’ to start the day for transforming your being and to feel the difference in yourself.

How do I join?
Please note you will need to register in advance for this meeting. Please go to the Carers Week Programme page to book your place. We will send you a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting on Zoom.

What are the potential benefits of attending?

  • Decrease stress
  • Increase concentration and creativity
  • Improve short term memory
  • Feel in harmony and get a greater sense of wellbeing

Who’s it for?
It’s for adults over 18 years who are Islington residents or caring for someone who is an Islington resident.

Want have a chat before taking part?
Please drop an email to Islington Carers Hub.

Digital Support/Support Getting on Zoom
We’re all on a digital journey! Getting an email address, getting access to the internet, booking GP appointments online, all require an investment of time and an open-ness to discovering new ways of doing things. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of digital guides, specially developed to help people to get the most out of technology.