You may find that the best or only way to manage your work and caring responsibilities is to change your work arrangements. Carers have the right to request flexible working.


Flexible working could include; flexi-time, home working, annualised hours, compressed hours, shift swapping, , job sharing, term-time working, part time working or flexible holidays. Flexible working can be a very helpful tool helping you to balance work and your caring commitments.


If you have worked for your employer for at least 26 weeks you can apply to make a permanent change to your terms and conditions. Only one request is allowed in a year.

You have the right to request flexible working if you care for, or expect to care for:

– a spouse or partner
– a relative such as an uncle, sister, parent-in-law, son-in-law or grandparent, or
– an adult who is not a relative but lives at the same address as you.

You also have the right to request flexible working if you are a parent of a child under 17, or under 18 if your child gets Disability Living Allowance.

Your employer can only refuse your request if they have good business reasons for it. It is important to consider the needs of your company when you make your request.

Because of this include as much information as you can about how your proposed change will help the business as well as you, or how you can deal with any possible negative impact you think your employer may be concerned about.

If your employer refuses your request you can appeal against this decision.

For more information on flexible working contact Islington Carers Hub. If your request for flexible working has been refused contact the ACAS Helpline which provides free and confidential employment advice.