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Carers Strategy Steering Group

July 23, 2024
14:00 - 15:00
Islington Town Hall, Upper street, N1 2UD

Last year, carers contributed to the Islington Carers Strategy. Find out what’s been put in place and provide your perspective as a carer to help shape and guide plans. The new Islington Adult Carers Strategy will launch in June, so you’ll get an update on the progress and how you can be involved in action planning.

We’ll also invite speakers who have committed to supporting carers as part of the Islington Adult Carers Strategy. This month we’re welcoming Jenefer Reese, who is one of the Principal Social Workers at Islington Adult Social Care. She will explain how Social Services support carers with respite breaks and how you can apply for this.

Torps Boukens, Team Leader Islington Carers Hub, talking at the Carers Strategy Steering Group