Islington Libraries – Carers Collection

Carers Collection at Islington LibrariesIslington Libraries have four collections of carers books called The Carers Collection. You can order them from any library in Islington but their permanent homes are:

No two people who are caring for loved ones are the same and caring can affect your life in many different ways. There is so much information out there that you may be wondering where to start, so we have put together this collection as a guide and resource for you.

The collection of books available cover many aspects of caring. They are written by medical professionals as well as carers and can be used as a resource for many aspects involved in caring for someone, including:

  1. Caring for someone with memory loss/dementia
  2. Caring for someone after a stroke
  3. Caring for someone in old age
  4. Caring for someone, who has mental health needs
  5. Books about death and dying and Meditation resources

Download Carers Collection Booklist.