Carer’s Assessments

Carer’s Assessments are changing

From 1 April 2015, the Care Act meant that more carers may be eligible for support from their local authority to help them in their caring role. A carer does not have to be caring for someone who is eligible for support from adult social care and can request an assessment in their own right.

You can find out about those rights including Carers Assessments on the NHS Choices website

You can find out about those rights by reading Carers UK’s brochure “Assessments and the Care Act”.

Islington Carers Hub (ICH) is now undertaking carers assessments where neither the carer nor the cared for are in receipt of a Council care package.
It’s a very good idea to get in touch with us for advice on completing this Carers Assessment; if you’d prefer, we can book an appointment with you to go through the whole process together.

In all other instances Islington Council will be responsible for carrying out all Carers Assessments for people caring for older and disabled partners, relatives or friends. They will use a national eligibility threshold for carers introduced by the Act. You are likely to meet the eligibility criteria if:

1. Your needs are the result of you providing necessary care to another adult.
2. The effect of your caring role is that your physical or mental health is at risk of getting worse, or you are unable to achieve one of a list of outcomes.
3. As a result, there is, or likely to be, a significant impact on your wellbeing

To start the process you will need to complete a Supported Self-Assessment Form with which Islington Council has created an online Self-Assessment tool that you can complete.  Or call the Access Team on for a paper version if you prefer. The council will then look at all your needs and the support you and your family require. This could lead to the provision of information and advice, access to services, services for the person you care for and/or a Carers Direct Payment.
For more information about Carers Assessments, contact the Access and Advice Team on 020 7527 2299 or email
The new Access and Advice team will be the single point of contact for all adult social care and community rehabilitation services. The team will help the council to meet new requirements under the Care Act, to provide good quality advice, guidance and signposting.

It’s a very good idea to get in touch with us for advice on completing this form; if you’d prefer, we can book an appointment with you to go through the whole thing together.