Carers and COVID-19 Vaccination

Carer and cared forIf you provide regular unpaid care for someone who is ill, elderly or disabled, it’s particularly important that you get the COVID-19 Vaccination. It might be possible to get your vaccine today.

Let Your GP Know That You’re a Carer
If you’re an unpaid carer, it might be possible for you to get your own COVID-19 vaccine sooner than you would otherwise, as carers are amongst the priority groups for vaccination. Call your GP as soon as possible to let them know that you’re an unpaid carer.

There are other reasons why it’s good to let your GP know that you’re an unpaid carer, e.g. it can help you to get flexible doctors and health appointments to fit round your caring responsibilities.

Support for You
Most of us do not see ourselves as carers straightaway: we are mums, dads, husbands, wives, partners, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours. We are simply doing what anyone would for a loved one or friend, helping them when they are unable to do things for themselves.

Caring for someone is part of life for most families and many people find it a rewarding experience. However, we know that caring can also take its toll on people’s physical and emotional health, as well as on other aspects of their lives such as finances and getting a break.

How We Can Support You
Recognising the role you have as a carer can be the gateway to getting a range of help and support. We are here to provide advice, information and support to all carers aged 18 or over who live or work in Islington or care for someone living in Islington.

We provide a FREE service which includes:

  • Regular support groups for carers to meet and share ideas
  • Help with getting the Carers Emergency Card
  • Application for the Flexible Breaks Fund
  • Regular Carers Newsletters with wellbeing support & activities
  • Activities & Courses e.g. Cooking, Art appreciation, First Aid Workshops
  • Carers Assessments to see what might help make your life easier as a carer

Your first step in getting support as a carer in Islington is to register as a carer with us. Contact us to receive a free info pack.