Have you seen our monthly email bulletin?

You may not know this, but every month we send out an email bulletin to just under 600 carers, professionals and anyone else who’s interested. It’s packed with information that’s tailored to help carers in the borough of Islington. It tells you about:

  • new groups for carers that are starting
  • one-off events to help you in your caring role
  • accessible fun events for you and those you care for
  • cultural events all around our vibrant borough
  • upcoming training opportunities in every aspect of your caring role
  • ways you can get involved to make services better
  • and anything else we can fit in!

To give you an idea, below are some links to our most recent few bulletins.

ICH March 2015 update

ICH February 2015 update part 1

ICH February 2015 update part 2

ICH December 2014 update

We also send out separate emails to the same email list about events and programmes coming up that are too urgent, or too important, to wait for the monthly update.

Well that sounds marvellous. How can I get this in my inbox every month?

If you become a member of the Hub, and you give us an email address, you’ll automatically be added to the mailing list unless you tell us you don’t want to. To become a member, get in touch with us, or fill in our registration form and send it to info@islingtoncarershub.org.

If you simply want to receive the email updates, fill in our online form, and that will add you to the list straightaway.

If you want to stop receiving the emails, there is an “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every email.

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